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Blaneys Podcast: Jack Siegel on Employment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 crisis, Blaneys is continuing its Podcast remotely, with a series of new Podcasts tackling the many challenging legal issues raised by the pandemic and the measures being taken to combat it. In this episode, our labour and employment law expert, Jack Siegel, discusses the employment law issues that are impacting nearly all Canadians and Canadian employers during this unprecedented time.


Blaneys Podcast: David Ma on Cryptocurrency

In this episode of the Blaneys Podcast, David Ma, our IT and technology law expert, discusses the function and purpose of cryptocurrencies. David tackles recent challenges such as the collapse of crypto exchange Quadriga CX, and the ongoing debate of whether governments should regulate the exchange of cryptocurrencies.


Blaney's Podcast: Panel Discussion on the New and Evolving Cannabis Industry in Canada

This Blaneys’ Podcast features an exciting and insightful discussion of Canada’s brand new legalized recreational cannabis arena. The topics discussed will be of interest to any existing industry members, or to those thinking about becoming involved in the industry, whether from a production, processing, retail, or support services perspective. The panel members include:

Lou Brzezinski - Blaneys Partner and Podcast host, Co-Chair of the Blaney Cannabis Law Group

Nicholas Wong - Blaneys Partner and member of the Cannabis Law Group and Intellectual Property Law Group

Angela Smith - Founder and CEO of Catalyst Life Science Consulting, a consultancy firm offering regulatory expertise to the cannabis industry

Daryl Hodges - Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ancient Strains, a cannabis investment company and producer among world cannabis markets

The Podcast was produced by Lou Brzezinski and Varoujan Arman, Blaneys’ in-house Podcast producer and sound editor, also a partner in the Commercial Litigation Group and member of the Cannabis Law Group.


Blaneys Podcast: Maria Scarfo on Women in the Legal Profession

In this special episode of the Blaneys Podcast, we sit down with Maria Scarfo, the firm’s managing partner. Maria discusses the challenges faced by the legal industry with the retention of female lawyers, client expectations, her management style, and some of the unique qualities of Blaney McMurtry LLP.


Blaneys Podcast: Lea Nebel on Ontario's New Construction Act

In this episode of the Blaneys Podcast, Lea Nebel, co-chair of the firm’s Construction Law Group, discusses the large-scale revamping of Ontario’s Construction Lien Act, now known as the Construction Act, as of July 1, 2018.


Blaneys Podcast: Panel discussion on B Corp certification in Canada

Business law is developing in a new direction in Canada. That direction is firmly based on profitability and material prosperity. However, that prosperity is increasingly being linked to a more sustainable, environmentally responsible, and widely shared model of carrying on business.


Blaneys Podcast: James Edney on Upcoming Divorce Act Changes

In this episode of the Blaneys Podcast, the head of Blaney McMurtry LLP’s Family Law Group, and a certified specialist in family law, James Edney provides an advance run down of the changes proposed for a coming major amendment to Canada’s federal Divorce Act; the first such overhaul in twenty years.


Blaneys Podcast: Varoujan Arman on Civil Litigation

In this episode of the Blaneys Podcast, commercial litigator Varoujan Arman describes the steps involved in the civil litigation process, along with outside the box strategies to obtain favourable settlements. 


Blaneys Podcast: Dennis Tobin on Commercial Leasing in Canada- Part 2

In this second of a two part Blaneys Podcast on commercial leasing in Canada, Dennis Tobin discusses key issues for negotiating an offer to lease in the Canadian real estate market. In an easy to listen to discussion format, this podcast addresses the following topics: remedies for breach of a commercial lease, subleasing and assignment and the differences between the two; how franchisees and franchisors might structure their lease arrangement; the significance of the “Use” clause; how your lease may impact proposed renovations; and a discussion of what “co-tenancy” clauses are and why you may use one in your offer to lease.


Blaneys Podcast: Dennis Tobin on Commercial Leasing in Canada- Part 1

In this first of a two part Blaneys Podcast on commercial leasing in Canada, Dennis Tobin discusses key issues for negotiating an offer to lease in the Canadian real estate market. He highlights some of the priority issues from the perspectives of the landlord, purchaser, mortgagee and the tenant. He also discusses how the offer to lease relates to the lease. Co-tenancy, options to extend, percentage rent, termination rights and additional rent issues are discussed. Dennis reveals some “red flags” to watch out for and offers tips for negotiating an enforceable retail lease. 


Blaneys Podcast: Roger Horst on Class Actions

In this episode of the Blaneys Podcast, Roger Horst, a pioneer of the class action regime in Ontario, discusses the ins and outs of this unique area of civil litigation. He provides an overview of all stages in a class action claim including certification, settlement and trial. Having acted for both the defendant and the plaintiff class, Roger has a well-rounded view on all sides and uncovers common issues with class actions including financing and risk.  


Blaneys Podcast: Jason Mangano on Additional Insured Coverage

In this episode, insurance coverage litigator Jason Mangano explains the concept of additional insured coverage and the impact of the Ontario Court of Appeal’s Durham v. Carniero decision.


Blaneys Podcast: Sheldon Inkol on Defamation

In this episode of the Blaneys Podcast, Sheldon Inkol discusses defamation law and the issues commonly encountered on the internet. 


Blaneys Podcast: James Edney on Family Law - Finance Issues

In this episode, James Edney discusses the legal issues relating to matters of finance that arise during family law disputes.


Blaneys Podcast: David Mackenzie on Cyber Risk Insurance

In this episode of the Blaneys Podcast, David Mackenzie, one of our insurance coverage experts, discusses the new and still developing area of insurance that offers coverage to businesses for cyber risk and data breaches.


Blaneys Podcast: Roman Pekaruk on Residential Real Estate Transactions

In this episode of the Blaneys Podcast, our residential real estate expert, Roman Pekaruk, walks through the important things to watch out for and keep in mind when participating in a residential real estate transaction.

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