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1.24.24 Top Cases in Estates Litigation 2024
11.23.23 Handling Claims with Multiple Policies
11.17.23 Matrimonial Home Deep Dive
10.11.23 Now What? Life after Ahluwalia
10.5.23 Immigration Law Refresher 2023
9.27.23 The Ups & Downs and Ins & Outs of Slip & Fall Claims
6.23.23 2023 Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors Congress
6.15.23 What You Need to Know About the New IRS Approach for Approving Advance Pricing Agreement and Renewal Requests
5.5.23 2023 Electrical Industry Conference
5.3.23 NALP's 2023 AEC: The Importance of Reassurance with Neil Dennis
5.1.23 Canadian Defence Lawyers, Insurance Coverage Symposium (May 2023)
4.20.23 Patent and Trademark Case Law Review Series
4.20.23 Construction Adjudication Prompt Payment Symposium Alberta
3.29.23 2023 NetDiligence® - Cyber Risk Summit
3.22.23 Sports and Entertainment Law Society, Queens University (2023)
3.22.23 Osgoode Entertainment and Sports Law Conference (2023)
3.15.23 Critical Infrastructure – A Global View on Cyber Risk and Systemic Threats
3.15.23 A comparison of the damages awarded and key issues in various Healthcare jurisdictions
2.9.23 More on Family Trusts: Practical Applications and Professionalism Issues for Family Matters, Estates Planning, and Businesses
2.8.23 Key Family Law Act Provisions For The Surviving Spouse
11.2.22 Construction Law Advocacy
10.20.22 Good Strategies for Bad Faith and Moral Damages Claims – Webinar Recording
10.20.22 Colloquium
10.13.22 The Six-Minute Debtor-Creditor and Insolvency Lawyer 2022
9.28.22 ACFI 2022 Fraud Conference
6.30.22 Handling MVAs Involving Minor and Incapacitated Claimants
6.23.22 Ryan speaks on the Divorced & Done podcast about his positive approach to his family law practice
6.2.22 Working with Indigenous Communities: Critical Insights for In-House Counsel
4.26.22 Après moi, le deluge (After me, the flood): A Multi-Jurisdictional Analysis of Agreements Involving Future Inheritance Rights and Legal Alternatives
4.6.22 NetDiligence® - Cyber Risk Summit
4.1.22 3rd Annual Legal Guide to Managing Construction Liens in Ontario
3.31.22 SELS Conference, Windsor Law Sports and Entertainment Society (2022)
3.31.22 Cyber Coverage and Pressure Points
3.23.22 TCBA 2022 Crypto to NFT Webinar
3.4.22 Sports and Entertainment Law Society, Queens University (2022)
3.1.22 Construction Law North & South: Prompt Payment: A Discussion of Practice Tips for Lawyers Based on Experience from Ontario
2.22.22 Setting Up For Success: How to Conduct Effective Claims Investigations
2.16.22 Speaker Series, Lincoln Alexander Sports & Entertainment Law Society, Ryerson University (2022)
2.11.22 Copyright Law Meets Tax Law
1.28.22 Patent Agent Training Course - Infringement & Validity Module
1.14.22 Insurance claims, court procedures & trials - What to expect in 2022
12.9.21 In Conversation with William Patry, Google
11.25.21 Adjudication Under the Construction Act
11.9.21 Institute Across Borders: Legal Issues and Best Practices for Ontario Lawyers from Around the World
11.9.21 Structuring Cross-Border M & A
11.9.21 Civil Law, Secondary School, Kingston
11.2.21 "The Legal Implications of COVID-19 on The Olympic Games", Abu Dhabi Judicial Department's Sports Law Seminar (2021)
9.28.21 COVID-19 - Returning to Work During the 4th Wave in Ontario
9.23.21 Practice Gems: Administration of Estates 2021
9.21.21 Occupiers' Liability Act: Litigation and Coverage Insights
6.17.21 "Electronic Trial Prep for Junior Lawyers during COVID-19", Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
6.16.21 Understanding Credit Without Borders 21
6.2.21 U.S./Canadian Litigation in a Post-COVID-19 World
5.4.21 2021 Insurance Coverage Symposium
4.29.21 Personal Injury Law and Practice
4.29.21 Ransomware: Proactive Planning and Preparation for a Ransomware Event
4.29.21 Slip & Falls 101
4.28.21 Claim Settlement and Court Procedures in Canada
4.27.21 Top Appeals of 2020 from the Ontario Court of Appeal
3.26.21 Concussion litigation: It's heading your way
3.25.21 Autonomous vehicles: The rise of the machines
3.25.21 Ransomware attacks: An ongoing threat
3.24.21 Survival and Revival: How the construction industry is embracing change to overcome recent challenges
3.24.21 Insurance Coverage Disputes and Litigation
3.23.21 COVID-19 Business interruption claims: Where are we now?
3.22.21 How the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) agenda will revolutionise the insurance industry
3.22.21 Negligent security: Foreseeable crime/Believable risk
3.18.21 Sports and Entertainment Law Society, Queens University (2021)
3.2.21 The Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2021
3.1.21 MNP LLP, An Introduction to Audits, Objections, and Tax Court of Canada Appeals
2.22.21 2nd Annual Legal Guide to Managing Construction Liens in Ontario
2.15.21 "Production Planning and Management II", York University (2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)
1.28.21 Your Critical Update on What is Happening at Ontario Ports of Entry
1.27.21 Using waivers effectively – Practical considerations to protect your organization from liability
1.11.21 Insurance Claims, Court Procedures & Trials: What to expect in 2021
12.21.20 St. Francis Xavier Sports Management Program (2020)
11.26.20 Bankruptcy Basics for Non-Bankruptcy Lawyers
11.23.20 Understanding Commercial Debt Financing Transactions
11.16.20 ACFI 2020 Fraud Conference and Post Conference Workshop – "Best Practices"
10.15.20 Construction Law's New Era of Adjudication and Prompt Payment in Review
10.1.20 GTAAN/GTFAN, Representing Your Clients Through the Tax Dispute Resolution Process
9.30.20 Virtual Litigation in Construction Law: Are You Ready?
8.19.20 Canada's Pharmaceutical IP Protection Regime, IP ForeFront
8.13.20 Building A Diverse Legal Community, Law in Action Within School
7.21.20 Motions to Change: Your Complete Guide
7.9.20 Insurance Litigation and Disputes – A Look at the COVID-19 Fallout
6.16.20 "State of Bankruptcies in Canada" (2020) Credit Institute of Canada, Webinar.
5.26.20 Alternatives to Bankruptcy: Helping Your Clients Choose the Best Option
5.21.20 Green Circle Podcast with Scott Hledin
5.13.20 His, Hers and Ours: Estate Planning in a Blended Family Webinar
5.6.20 Ontario Electrical League Waterloo Region Chapter Meeting
5.6.20 Ontario Bar Association's 18th Annual Current Issues in Employment Law
4.29.20 International Trademark Association 142nd Annual Meeting
4.15.20 Top Appeals of 2019 from the Ontario Court of Appeal
4.7.20 Ontario Electrical League Halton Chapter Meeting
4.2.20 2020 CBA Immigration Law Conference
3.19.20 Preparing for Death 101: The Elephant in the Room
3.12.20 Osgoode Entertainment and Sports Law Conference (2015-2020)
2.20.20 Construction Liens Under Ontario's New Construction Act: Strategies for Navigating the New Regime
2.18.20 Ontario Electrical League Peterborough Chapter Meeting
2.13.20 The Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2020
2.8.20 FACL 13th Annual Conference and Gala
2.7.20 17th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference
2.6.20 Cannabis for Breakfast
2.6.20 Directors and Officers: Liability, Errors and Omissions - What You Need to Know
2.6.20 Beyond Categories: Providing Client-Centered Strategies Combining Various Temporary and Permanent Residence Solutions
2.5.20 Insurance Coverage Symposium
2.5.20 Take Charge of Your Career: Developing Your Path to Self-Sufficiency
2.4.20 Building Under the New Construction Act
1.29.20 Kaleidoscope Lecture Series: Branding in Colour and Sound, Art and Music
1.16.20 24th Intellectual Property Law: The Year in Review
12.17.19 The New Cannabis Regulations & How They Will Impact Your Practice. Edibles, Extracts & Topicals, Oh My!
12.5.19 Oakville Chamber of Commerce Live Stream Lunch - Plan well. Live well. Leave an Organized Estate.
11.28.19 Port of Entry Alert - Insights from CBSA Chiefs and Officers
11.27.19 Ontario Electrical League GTA West Chapter Meeting
11.21.19 OBA's Make a Will Month
11.13.19 2019 Receivables Management Conference
11.12.19 Pharmaceutical Sciences Group 2019 Fall Conference: Where We Grow From Here
11.7.19 American Bar Association Fidelity and Surety Law Committee Fall Meeting – Boston, November 7-8, 2019
11.7.19 International Bar Association, Current Issues in Cross-Border Planning using Trusts and Foundations
11.7.19 Canadian Bar Association's 15th National Insolvency Law Conference
11.5.19 Ontario Electrical League Barrie-Simcoe Chapter Meeting
10.21.19 Ryerson CSR Institute: B Corps and Benefit Corporation Law in Canada
10.21.19 Canadian-Chinese Professional Accountants Association: Insights Into Cross-Border E-Commerce
10.21.19 Legal Considerations for Researchers
10.16.19 Defamation and Risk Management
10.8.19 Working with the Estates Bar: How Estate Lawyers Can Help Us
10.2.19 2019 Cyber Forum - Calgary
10.1.19 GTAAN/GTFAN, Tax Court of Canada and Recent Cases of Interest
9.30.19 2019 Cyber Forum - Vancouver
9.24.19 Diversity in Construction Law: A Focus on Female Leadership
9.17.19 RealTrends 2019 Conference
9.12.19 Is There No Such Thing as a Free Ad? The impact of the GDPR and the new EU e-Privacy Regulation
9.10.19 Practice Gems: Administration of Estates 2019
7.30.19 "Mastering Difficult Conversations in Estates, Trusts and Business Succession", Stitt Feld Handy Group workshop, co-presenter and co-program developer, ongoing
7.29.19 "Mastering Difficult Conversations in Elder Care", Stitt Feld Handy Group workshop, co-presenter and co-program developer, ongoing
6.13.19 Credit Institute of Canada National Credit Conference
6.5.19 Commercial List Users' Committee (CLUC) Retreat, Education Session
5.28.19 Society of Public Insurance Administrators of Ontario - 2019 Annual Conference
5.22.19 The Cyber Exchange – Hamilton, May 22, 2019
5.9.19 Top Appeals of 2018 from the Ontario Court of Appeal
4.29.19 OBA Professional Development, Insurance Law Section program - "Anatomy of a Trial: A Deeper Dive Into Jury Trials"
4.10.19 OBA - Your First Estate Administration
4.3.19 5th Annual NetDiligence® Cyber Risk Summit
3.28.19 2019 ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference
3.27.19 ILG Oracle 2019—Privacy, Cannabis, The Future Of Claims - ILG Network Conference, Old Library - Lloyds of London, UK
3.25.19 Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario, Commercial Leasing
3.7.19 The Roots of Cannabis Law in North America
2.25.19 The Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2019
2.21.19 Benefit Companies: Building Shared Value in the 21st Century
2.6.19 Costs and Litigation Funding in Class Actions Law in Canada
2.1.19 George Brown Film and Video Production Certificate (2018, 2019)
1.4.19 The Athlete Side of Legal Disputes, Western University Sport Management Undergraduate Course
1.1.19 Telefilm Talent to Watch Annual Summit (2019)
12.3.18 10th Annual Class Action Colloquium
11.29.18 An Evening with the Masters: Navigating the New Construction Act
11.27.18 Law Society of Ontario's 26th Annual Immigration Law Summit
11.22.18 OBA's Make A Will
11.20.18 Law Society of Ontario: Taxation Issues for Real Estate Lawyers 2018
11.13.18 SABA Toronto Fall Social
11.9.18 Recent Developments in Patent Injunctions
11.8.18 ABA Fidelity & Surety Law Committee Conference – Philadelphia, November 8, 2018
11.7.18 Fidelity Law Association Conference – Philadelphia, November 7, 2018
10.5.18 Breaking Into Sport Panel, Queen's Sport Industry Conference
10.4.18 Choosing the Right Business Structure, Law Society of Ontario
10.4.18 Choosing the Right Business Structure
10.2.18 The Cyber Exchange – Kitchener, October 2, 2018
10.1.18 Construction Bonding and Insurance: A Primer on Construction Risk Management
9.30.18 Society Trust and Estate Tax Practitioners – Toronto Branch: The Impact of the 2017 changes to the IRC on U.S. Canada Cross Border Individuals
9.18.18 The Twelve Minute Civil Litigator 2018
9.17.18 Ethics in Patent and Trademark Prosecution
9.15.18 Global Mobility and Immigration, 2018 IAKL Annual Conference
7.31.18 A.M. Best's Insurance Law Podcast: Emerging Global Cyber Ransom Threats Require a Strategic Response from the C-Suite
7.10.18 Centennial College, Advanced Television and Film Program
7.1.18 ICSC Annual Law Conference
6.21.18 Hear From the Experts: Year in Review and Future Directions
6.13.18 NIV Investor to Green Card, American Immigration Lawyers Association Annual Conference
6.7.18 CUMIS Credit Union Bonding Program Master Policyholder Meeting – St. John's, June 7, 2018
5.29.18 Society of Public Insurance Administrators of Ontario - 2018 Annual Conference
5.21.18 'All in the Bag' - A Review of Emerging Topics in Trademark Law with Reference to a Specific Sector, Handbags
4.30.18 2018 ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference
4.21.18 Practise Tips for U.S. Travel, CBA Citizenship and Immigration Section Annual Conference
4.18.18 American Bar Association, Section of International Law, New York – Private Art Market and Public Oversight: Can Creativity, Beauty and Passion be Regulated?
4.9.18 Understanding Soil and Groundwater: Part 2, OBA Environmental Law Program
4.4.18 Ontario Bar Association: Federal Budget: Practical Insights on Recent Tax Changes
3.22.18 Challenges in E Visa Processing, American Immigration Lawyers Association South Florida Chapter Conference
3.7.18 Retail Insolvency in Canada
3.7.18 The Technology Behind Autonomous Vehicles and the Road Ahead, Where Technology and Insurance Law Meet - ILG Network Conference, Old Library - Lloyds of London, UK
3.7.18 Technology and Innovation in the Global Claims Management Arena, Where Technology and Insurance Law Meet - ILG Network Conference, Old Library - Lloyds of London, UK
3.5.18 How to Deal with "Technology Risks" Through Due Diligence (and into the Purchase Agreement)
3.4.18 The Osgoode Certificate in Fundamentals of Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law
3.1.18 Combating Insurance Fraud with Data Analytics - A Global Perspective, IASIU Webinar
2.26.18 Top Appeals of 2017 from the Ontario Court of Appeal
2.23.18 NetDiligence® Cyber Risk Summit – Toronto, February 23, 2018
2.10.18 The University of Toronto Cup
1.30.18 Starting and Buying a Business in Nova Scotia, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia
1.27.18 Digital Media at the Crossroads
1.1.18 Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems: 20th Annual Aviation Conference
1.1.18 Future of Sports Law, Osgoode Entertainment & Sports Law Association
12.20.17 Professional Corporations, Dalhousie Dentistry Student Association
12.7.17 DRI Insurance Coverage and Practice Symposium
11.28.17 Associate Agreements, Dalhousie Dentistry Student Association
11.22.17 Modern Treaties: The Algonquin Agreement in Principle, PBLI's Canadian Aboriginal Law Program 2017
11.9.17 American Bar Association Fidelity and Surety Law Committee Fall Meeting – Boston, November 9, 2017
11.9.17 Bankruptcy and Fraud Recovery Law, Law Society of Ontario
11.8.17 Fidelity Law Association Conference – Boston, November 8, 2017
11.3.17 CUMIS General Insurance Company – Ontario Loss Prevention Seminar 2017
11.3.17 AthletesCAN Forum
11.1.17 "Managing Critical Communications: Mastering Personalities and Situations", OBA, November 2017
10.25.17 Wills and Estate Planning, Halifax Water Commission
10.18.17 The Canadian Institute Disability Insurance Claims Conference, How Judges View Surveillance Evidence
9.28.17 Mastering Due Diligence, OBA Young Lawyers Division
9.19.17 Ontario Law Enforcement Risk Management Committee - Fall 2017 Conference
9.14.17 Canadian Bar Association's 13th National Insolvency Conference
7.19.17 The TD South Asian Diversity Committee Annual Social Mixer
6.28.17 Canadian HR Reporter Webinar: How Secure is your Recruitment Process?
6.22.17 Canadian Defence Lawyers Webinar – What Law Firms (and Everyone) should know about Social Engineering Fraud
6.15.17 "Tax Law" at Doing Business with Our Neighbor to the North (Chicago: Global Real Estate Council & Canada-US Business Council, 2017)
6.13.17 The Six-Minute Business Lawyer 2017
6.7.17 Environmental Law Mentorship, Ontario Bar Association, Environmental Section
6.7.17 PLUS Workshop on Social Engineering Fraud
6.1.17 Insurance Institute Risk Forum 2017
5.31.17 Commercial List Users' Committee Annual Retreat and Reception
5.26.17 Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, The LTD File: From A to Z
5.16.17 Toronto Lawyers Association, Environmental Considerations in Real Estate and Business Transactions
5.9.17 An Overview of Costs in Ontario
4.28.17 Lease Arbitration Clauses, ICSC Annual Conference
4.27.17 ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Conference, Roundtable Discussions: Environmental Law 101
4.27.17 Roundtable - ICSC Law Conference, 2017: Tenant Abandoned Property
4.27.17 2017 ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference
4.25.17 "The Key to a Strong Economy: A Discussion of Immigration and Tax Policies to Encourage the Development of an Innovative Economy", American Bar Association Section of International Law: Spring Meeting
4.4.17 Ontario Law Enforcement Risk Management Committee - Spring 2017 Symposium
4.3.17 The 2017 Highlights in Cyber Insurance Explored!
3.21.17 Canada's Cyber Environment, ILG Network Conference
3.8.17 Buying or Selling a Business
3.8.17 Osgoode Certificate in Fundamentals of Aboriginal Law
3.4.17 Willms & Shier Environmental Law Bi-annual Moot Court Competition
3.1.17 MNP LLP, An Introduction to Audits, Objections, and Tax Court of Canada Appeals
2.22.17 The Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2017
2.16.17 NetDiligence® Cyber Risk Summit
2.7.17 University of Waterloo Legal Studies Program
2.7.17 Ontario Bar Association's Institute, 2017
2.3.17 Canadian Bar Association of New Brunswick, Developments in LTD Insurance Law
2.1.17 Canadian Defence Lawyers 13th Annual Insurance Coverage Symposium
1.19.17 ABA Fidelity and Surety Law Committee Midwinter Meeting - New Orleans, January 19, 2017
1.19.17 21st Annual Intellectual Property Law: The Year in Review
12.1.16 The Top Appeals of 2015-16 From the Ontario Court of Appeal
11.24.16 Insurance Coverage Primer: Insurance Coverage Foundations and Fundamentals (CDL)
11.17.16 Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today: The benefits of early investigation/decision-making
11.4.16 Property and Family Law: The Meaning of Value
10.31.16 Forge a Better Union: Civil Litigation Counsel and the In-House Lawyers Who Instruct Them
10.24.16 Audit and Benchmarking Clauses in the New Post-Cloud, Cyber-Sensitive World
10.21.16 Legal Issues for Expert Witnesses
10.21.16 To Cover or Not to Cover: that is the Question
10.15.16 Why You Need a Will
10.1.16 "Estate and Business Succession Case Study", OBA Wills/Estates/Trusts Fundamentals, October 2016
10.1.16 "Lawyer best practices when having the advance care planning talk with clients", EPOWR, October 2016
9.15.16 The Anatomy of a Professional Liability Claim, and How to Avoid Some of the Pitfalls Along the Way
9.14.16 The Canadian Institute Disability Insurance Claims Conference, Transferable Skills Analyses
6.29.16 The Six-Minute Business Lawyer 2016
6.21.16 Estate Disputes & Prenuptial Agreements
6.8.16 CUMIS Credit Union Bonding Program Master Policyholder Meeting – Kelowna, June 8, 2016
5.21.16 Blaneys IP Partners to attend 2016 INTA Annual Meeting
5.12.16 A Primer on Insurance Coverage
5.5.16 What You Need to Know About Cyber-Insurance: From Coverage to Litigation
4.28.16 NetDiligence Cyber Risk Summit
4.22.16 2016 ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference
4.14.16 Dental Practice Disputes
4.13.16 Inter-Pacific Bar Association Annual Conference
4.7.16 Canadian Bar Association Immigration Law Conference
4.1.16 Defamation on the Internet
3.1.16 Law of Trusts, Osgoode Hall Law School
3.1.16 "Meet the Schmidts: a disability planning case study", EPOWR, March 2016
2.25.16 Bribery and Foreign Corruption Course
2.25.16 Contracting for Business Disaster Recovery
2.1.16 Diane Brooks to speak at CI's inaugural Asset-Based Lending Conference
1.31.16 Managing Intellectual Property in Service-Level Agreements
1.27.16 Cambridge Environmental Law Forum
1.20.16 Canadian Defence Lawyers 12th Annual Insurance Symposium
1.1.16 Dental Practice Advice and Risk Prevention (U of T Dentistry)
12.1.15 2015 Federated Press 21st Commercial Real Estate Leases
11.13.15 2nd RFPs for Supply Chains
11.13.15 What's Wrong with Copying?
11.9.15 Insight 2015 Canadian Sharing Economy Symposium
11.1.15 Seneca College Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations Program: Introduction to Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Course
10.28.15 Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, Advocating for Damages
10.21.15 Enterprise Risk Management for Corporate Counsel
10.1.15 Speaker, Seclusion in the Cyber Age, RMC Insurance Law Seminar
10.1.15 Litigating Effectively in the Commercial List
9.15.15 2015 RealLeasing Conference
9.11.15 The Future of CGL and Commercial Property Policies
9.9.15 Expert Evidence in Trademark Proceedings
9.9.15 Diane Brooks to speak at LSO's Essentials of the Privately Held Company
9.1.15 Health Law/Employment Law Issues for Dentists - Practice Administration Course (UWO Dentistry)
8.13.15 OBA Occupiers' Liability Conference
6.30.15 Good Faith in Intellectual Property Law
6.10.15 Intellectual Property Law Update
6.5.15 Negotiating IT Contracts - Advanced Strategies Toolkit
6.4.15 Advanced Environmental Law Practitioner Roundtable, Canadian Bar Association
6.1.15 Commercial List Retreat, Education Program
5.22.15 Consent to Drive
5.20.15 Principles of Negotiation
5.8.15 National Credit and Financial Executives Forum
5.8.15 Bilateral Investment Treaties and Investor Protection
5.4.15 6th Annual INTA Trademark Scholarship Symposium
5.4.15 IT Law Spring Forum Mobile Payments
4.27.15 The Duty to Mitigate - A Primer for the Personal Injury Litigator
4.27.15 Spills, Leaks, Discharges & Emergencies: Legal Framework
4.21.15 International Food Manufacturers Credit Group Semi-Annual Meeting
4.14.15 Lease Arbitration Clauses, ICSC Annual Conference 2015
4.14.15 Lease Due Diligence When Acquiring Income-Producing Commercial Properties
4.14.15 Security for Leases: Letters of Credit, Indemnity Agreements, Guarantees and Security Deposits
4.10.15 Women in Construction - Interactive session on leveraging an untapped talent pool
4.8.15 Making Sure Everyone Gets Out Alive
4.1.15 Mock Mediations Class, Osgoode Hall Law School
4.1.15 Informed Consent Issues (U of T Medicine)
4.1.15 The Perfect Pleading
3.18.15 International Women's Day: Pink Attitude Evolution
3.11.15 Algonquin Negotiations and the Impact of the Supreme Court's Tsilhqot'in Nation Decision
3.1.15 Recent Cases and Current Developments in Insolvency Law
3.1.15 Willms & Shier Environmental Law Moot
2.26.15 Business Disaster Recovery Contracting
2.11.15 Tenant Termination Rights
2.4.15 Insurance Coverage for Information and Technology Risks Under Directors and Officers and Technology Errors & Omissions Policies
2.1.15 Putting on the Red Sash, An Evening with Recently Appointed Judges
2.1.15 "Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Families", OBA Summit
1.30.15 Essential Updates in Tort Law, Tricks of the Trade
1.22.15 19th Annual Intellectual Property Law - The Year in Review
1.21.15 Federated Press 2nd Tax Planning for Elderly Clients
1.1.15 PMAC Toronto "Compliance Forum 2015"
1.1.15 "Forensic Accounting and the Law", Osgoode Hall Law School
12.30.14 Andrea Rush to Speak at Property Law CPD Session
12.9.14 2014 Federated Press 20th Commercial Real Estate Leases: Default and Remedy Provisions
11.26.14 RMC Insurance Law Webinar
11.26.14 Condo 101: What You Need to Know from Start to Finish
11.26.14 RFPs for Supply Chains
11.25.14 The Benefit Corporation in Canada: The Evolution of the Corporation
11.6.14 Women in the Trades: Knocking Down Walls
10.21.14 6th Mastering IP & IT Transaction
10.15.14 Collective Bargaining Update: Trends and Key Issues on the Horizon
10.15.14 Pension and Benefit Reductions – Can They Be Unilateral?
9.29.14 Federated Press 15th Tax Planning for Real Estate Transactions
9.24.14 Case Studies – Impact of the ‘Tsilhqot'in Nation' Decision on the Negotiation of Modern Land Claims
9.24.14 Annual Update on Personal Injury Law and Practice
9.19.14 2014 RealLeasing Conference
9.19.14 Recent Developments in Foreign Anti-Corruption Laws
9.15.14 US Supreme Court ‘AEREO' – Copyright Lessons for the US and beyond
9.1.14 Medical Professional Legal Issues (U of T Medicine)
6.16.14 Lawful Access, Government Surveillance and Cross Border Data Flow
6.16.14 Current Global IP Protection Issues
6.9.14 Democratic Architecture of the State
6.6.14 OBA Family Law Fundamentals: Domestic Contract (YLD)
5.29.14 So You Have Designed the Better Mouse Trap, Now What?
5.23.14 Best Practices – Innovation and Procurement and Trade
5.16.14 Branding and Global Change Management
5.2.14 ACFI 16th Annual Fraud Conference
4.29.14 Legal Risk Management for Nurses
4.28.14 Spills Response – Legal Liability Issues and Strategies
4.4.14 What You Should Know in an Election Year
4.3.14 International Copyright: New International Copyright Rules and Why They Matter to Your Practice
3.27.14 Negotiating Leases in High Risk Sites
3.21.14 Unidentified, Underinsured, Uninsured Claims
3.21.14 Guns, Germs, and Workers' Comp: Are these work-related accidents?
3.21.14 Optimizing Mining Development Projects in Ontario
3.6.14 Calculating Damages in Motor Vehicle Collision Claims in Ontario
3.3.14 Responses to 21st Century Resource Nationalism in Mexico, PDAC
3.1.14 Insolvency Proceedings – Which to Choose and How to Use Them
2.26.14 Annual Construction Law Update
2.7.14 Whiter Treaties? From Historic to Modern and Beyond
2.6.14 Environmental Landmines and the Common Deal
2.6.14 When Worlds Collide: The Interdisciplinary World of Estates Practice
1.24.14 20th Annual Provincial/Municipal Government Liability Conference
1.1.14 Practice Management and the Rules of Professional Conduct, and the Lawyer's Responsibility to the Profession
1.1.14 Department of Forensic Accounting, University of Toronto
12.17.13 Regulatory Framework for Green Buildings: Municipal & Provincial
12.10.13 Canadian Foreign Anti-Corruption Laws
11.26.13 Pensions and Benefits & Labour and Employment - Going It Alone – Can Employers Unilaterally Change Employee Benefit Programs?"
11.25.13 Current Algonquin Land Claim Negotiations Taking Place in Ottawa
11.21.13 Choice of Law and Forum in e-Commerce Agreements
11.14.13 Government Surveillance, Cloud Computing and Privacy. Panic?
11.1.13 You Asked... We Answered!
10.31.13 Crowds and the Culture of Sharing
10.28.13 Advisors, Advice and Professionalization, Advocis Annual Conference
9.24.13 Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
9.22.13 Policy and Reinsurance Wordings – Pitfalls and Opportunities
9.1.13 Canada ... It's Hot! A Practical Guide to Retail Leasing in Canada
8.8.13 The Legal ABCs of Starting or Acquiring a Business
7.1.13 Canadian Newspaper Association
6.1.13 Canadian Office Product Suppliers Association
6.1.13 Wilson Moot Competition
5.23.13 Employing Foreign Workers
5.23.13 The Impact of the Copyright Modernization Act
5.22.13 Insurance Law Spring Update 2013
5.9.13 Success 101
5.1.13 Equifax Food Group
4.25.13 International Experts Workshop, UN Working Group
3.31.13 International Council of Shopping Centers
3.5.13 Communal Land Holdings in Mexico - Challenges and Solutions, PDAC
3.5.13 Cloud Computing Law - Service Provider Selection, Service Levels & Business Continuity
2.28.13 Exploring The UK and Canada's Current and Emerging Markets: the Pacific Alliance
2.28.13 Mining the Legal Terrain of Corporate Social Responsibility
2.21.13 Releases, Indemnities and Waivers of Subrogation
2.21.13 The Commercial Tenancies Act – What You May Not Know or Remember
2.21.13 The Commercial Tenancies Act - What you May Not Know or Remember
2.11.13 Tax Planning for Estates: You Can't Always Get What You Want
2.7.13 Construction Labour Relations: What Every Labour and Employment Lawyer Should Know
2.5.13 Advisory Panel Discussion, Federal Office of the Extractive Sector CSR Counsellor
2.1.13 Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
2.1.13 Vesting Orders In and Outside of an Insolvency
1.25.13 CIMA's Annual Tax Update 2013
1.23.13 Role and Function for Fostering Positive Labour Relations from Legal Perspective
1.10.13 17th Annual Intellectual Property Law -- The Year in Review
11.2.12 Intellectual Property and How to Protect Your Art
11.1.12 Annual Construction Law Update: Will the "Boom" End?
10.30.12 Engaging and Negotiating with Aboriginal Communities
10.25.12 Copyright in 2012 - A Panel Discussion on New Judicial Developments and Other Copyright Topics and Themes
10.11.12 Getting Your Ducks in a Row: A Practical Guide to Compliance and Best Workplace Practices in 2013
10.9.12 Effectively Adjusting CAT Claims
9.28.12 The Final Word on Causation from the Supreme Court of Canada (Maybe?)
9.28.12 The Last Word on the Law of Causation from the Supreme Court of Canada (Maybe?)
9.27.12 Indigenous Peoples and Land Issues
9.12.12 Clement v Clement
9.5.12 A Potpourri of Medic-Legal Cases
9.1.12 Judges Panel, Pan-Canadian Insolvency Law Conference
8.16.12 Current Issues in Commercial Liability Insurance
5.28.12 A New Look at the Anton Piller Order
5.1.12 Insurance Law Spring Update 2012
4.27.12 Law and Construction Contracts
4.24.12 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
4.5.12 Condo 101 Presentation
4.2.12 Mock Cross-Examination of a Future Care/Rehabilitation Expert, Expert Evidence in Personal Injury Cases 2012
3.17.12 Algonquins of Ontario Land Claim
3.1.12 Risk and Certainty: Negotiating Operating Costs in Retail Leases
2.28.12 Recent Developments In Canadian Insurance Coverage Litigation
2.23.12 Who Says Talk is Cheap? The Statute of Frauds in Commercial Leasing
2.23.12 Lease Registration Issues
2.1.12 Law Society of Ontario Bar Admission Course (Civil Litigation)
1.27.12 Vicarious Liability in the Context of Leased and Rented Automobiles
1.18.12 Current Trends in IP Management
1.12.12 16th Annual Intellectual Property Law -- The Year in Review
11.30.11 Operating Costs from a Landlord's and Tenant's Perspective
11.14.11 Next Generation of Political Staff
11.3.11 Intellectual Property & How to Protect Your Art
11.1.11 How Financial Advisors Can Protect Themselves from E&O Claims
11.1.11 Accessing Canadian Capital for Mining Development in Mexico-Canada Mining Task
10.26.11 Clarification of the Essential Issues of Timing of Loss and Allocation of Costs: A Case Study of General Electric Canada v Aviva and Dominion
10.17.11 Software Licensing
10.12.11 Visa Processing at U.S. Posts in Canada
10.4.11 Insurance Coverage Primer
10.4.11 General Liability Topics
10.1.11 Power of Attorney for Personal Care
9.30.11 The Recently Concluded Bigstone Settlement
9.28.11 The Supreme Court and the Law of Causation Revisited Again: 7th Annual Update Personal Injury Law and Practice
8.19.11 State of Industry
6.24.11 Eighth Annual Stanford Law E-Commerce Best Practices Conference
6.20.11 Deriving Practical Skills for Interpreting CGL Contracts to Minimize Risks
6.20.11 • Clarification of the Essential Issues of Timing of Loss and Allocation of Costs: A Case Study of General Electric Canada v Aviva and Dominion
6.18.11 E-1 Treaty Trader and E-2 Treaty Investor Visas
6.6.11 4th Patents as a Competitive Strategy
6.1.11 Factors to Consider when Retaining Experts
5.27.11 Mitigating Trade Risk
5.26.11 Strategies for Effective On-site Medical Device Development and Device Modification
5.25.11 Written Advocacy - Tools of the Trade
5.15.11 Emerging CGL Trends
5.15.11 Ethics: Social Media, Discovery and Privilege Issues
5.9.11 Key Legal Issues When Selling to the Canadian Retail Market
5.8.11 Key Legal Issues You Can't Afford to Ignore when Selling to the Canadian Market
5.3.11 Workshop for Executors
4.29.11 Open Source Business Models
4.28.11 Ontario Labour Relations Board Hearings
4.8.11 Broker Liability: Another Pocket to Pick - Insurance Brokers relying on Mandatory FSCO and IBC Mailings Could Find Themselves Liable
4.7.11 Developing an Environmental Stewardship Program
3.30.11 Cloud Computing Law
3.3.11 Professionalism, Ethics and Proper Practice Management Litigating your Coverage Case in Court
3.3.11 Good faith in Canadian Insurance Law: Limitations of the Conventional View
2.24.11 BOMA 2010 - the New BOMA Standard
2.3.11 The Legacy of Hare versus Hare: Limitation Periods and Promissory Notes.
1.21.11 Causation Panel, Tricks of the Trade 2011
1.13.11 Annual Intellectual Property Law - The Year in Review
11.12.07 Is Time on your Side? A Consideration of the Bumpy Transition to the Limitations Act, 2002
3.1.07 Overview of the Law of Trusts, Osgoode Hall Law School
9.15.06 Walking a Tightrope: the Duty to Defend and the Pitfalls of the Tripartite Relationship
2.19.04 It's only Money but who Pays?
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