June 13, 2018

NIV Investor to Green Card, American Immigration Lawyers Association Annual Conference

San Francisco

Henry will be speaking on a panel entitled 'NIV Investor to Green Card' at the American Immigration Lawyers Association Annual Conference in San Francisco, taking place on June 13-16.

When foreign nationals are afforded the opportunity to invest in a U.S. venture, and then allowed to enter the United States to oversee this investment, how can they make their stay more permanent? Panelists will explore issues in using one of the EB categories to convert L-1 or E visa holders to permanent residence:

  • Dual Intent Doctrine
  • E-2 Status and Self-Petitions
  • NIV to IV: Deciding on the Best Option, and Steps to Take After Entry to Ensure This Happens
  • How to Leverage E-1/2 Equity into an EB-5 Investment
  • Family Strategies

Henry also wrote the E-1/E-2 Nonimmigrant Chapter for the Conference Handbook.