November 14, 2013

Government Surveillance, Cloud Computing and Privacy. Panic?

Ontario Bar Association

Life after Snowden: has privacy and IT contracting changed in Canada?

It was hard to miss the headlines surrounding Edward Snowden blowing the lid off of PRISM and US government surveillance. Related concerns then arose in Canada regarding Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC). After managing public relations concerns, companies are now turning their attention to whether the legal status quo has changed. What do you tell your clients?

Hear from our panel of experts as they explore the practical, "on-the-ground" legal issues surrounding government surveillance, privacy and IT contracting, including: 
• Should the current privacy analysis change? 
• How to navigate your client’s privacy concerns with government surveillance, and cross border flows of personal information 
• What are the implications for IT contracting, particularly regarding data security and privacy safeguards? 
• Managing the differences between cloud-based services and more traditional IT services 
• What is the impact to the current lawful access regime?