November 09, 2017

American Bar Association Fidelity and Surety Law Committee Fall Meeting – Boston, November 9, 2017

Chris McKibbin will be presenting at the ABA Fidelity and Surety Law Committee’s 2017 Fall Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

This year’s program is entitled “Managing and Litigating the Complex Fidelity Claim.” The program is designed as a workshop that will help fidelity claims professionals and lawyers gather useful practical tips to employ in claims handling. The program will feature a number of panel discussions on topics ranging from effective communications with insureds, discoverability of insurance company documents, ethics considerations, confidentiality agreements and litigation strategies. The curriculum is designed for fidelity claims professionals and lawyers.

Chris will present as part of a panel on Criminal Prosecution of the Accused. This panel will discuss how the fidelity claim investigation is affected by parallel criminal investigation and prosecution. Topics addressed will include whether criminal prosecution can be required of the insured, the admissibility of criminal proceedings (and their potential burden-shifting effect), how parallel proceedings can assist (or impede) the claim investigation, the accused’s assertion of the Fifth Amendment privilege (and how the privilege against self-incrimination is treated differently in the United States and Canada) and practical and ethical considerations in subrogation when there are criminal proceedings.

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