February 22, 2022

Setting Up For Success: How to Conduct Effective Claims Investigations

The time and cost needed to effectively resolve a disputed insurance claim can be heavily influenced by the steps taken in the early stages of the file. In this RMC webinar, insurance lawyers from across Canada including Blaneys' Stephen Moore and Sonia Shantikumar will advise claims handlers and adjusters on the best practices to follow, and traps to avoid, when investigating a claim before it is turned over to outside legal counsel.

Our panel will cover:

  • How does the early investigation of a claim impact the long-term results?
  • What pieces of information should form part of every insurers investigation checklist?
  • How to overcome the challenge of conducting an effective investigation during COVID.
  • When and why insurers should review the claim for potential coverage disputes.
  • Best practices for conducting joint-testing and destructive testing, and how to prevent evidence spoliation.
  • Specific investigation issues that arise with different types of insurance claims, including:
    • Product liability
    • Property damage
    • Slip & falls / bodily injury / MVAs
    • Construction deficiencies

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