Workplace Safety & Insurance

  • We advise employers and workers on all matters involving the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (Workers’ Compensation).

  • We advise employers with respect to the management of claims, identifying areas where early intervention may reduce overall claims costs, cases where entitlement has been inappropriately granted, and cases where cost relief is available.

  • We advise workers about their rights under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, ensuring that they understand both the financial benefits and rehabilitative supports to which they are entitled.

  • We advise insurance companies about personal injury claims that might be more appropriately pursued as Workplace Safety and Insurance matters.

  • We represent employers, workers and insurance companies at all levels of the Workplace Safety and Insurance system - in dealing with Case Managers and other personnel at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and in appeals to the Board’s Appeals Branch and to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (“WSIAT”).

  • Working closely with Blaney McMurtry’s insurance litigation lawyers, we bring applications to the WSIAT on behalf of insurance companies, to remove the right to bring civil lawsuits and require litigants who were injured at work to pursue Workplace Safety and Insurance remedies instead.

  • The compensation of workers who have been injured on the job or who have contracted illnesses because of factors in the workplace is one of the most involved and contentious areas of workplace law. Blaney McMurtry has special expertise in this area and a substantial track record for helping clients advance their interests in this unique area.